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4G GPS Vehicle Tracker TK419 is suitable for your Car, Truck, Motorbike and Caravan. Being IP65 Waterproof, the TK-419 4G GPS Tracker is also suitable for Boats and Jet Skis

  • Are you looking to protect your pride and joy from theft, or a solution for the company fleet. Let us introduce the TK-419 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker. The TK-419 is the latest technology in 4G LTE Vehicle GPS tracking, fully supporting 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, 2G GSM mobile networks.
  • This device can be used to locate, track and monitor any vehicle via SMS, PC Computer or Mobile App. It is commonly used to track and locate individual vehicles, such as Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, but can also be used in Boats, Jet Ski's, Caravans and Earth Moving Equipment and is a valuable tool for enhanced fleet management.
  • You can also remotely cut off Fuel / Ignition and check the historical route travelled and other vehicle data.
  • The TK-419 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker has an excellent track record for stable performance and possesses a wide variety of features that have been designed for ease of use.


TK-419 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker is a fully self-contained, integrated commercial grade vehicle tracking device that uses GPS (Qualcomm solution: Gen8C Lite) satellite location in combination with a LTE category 1 module optimized specially for M2M and IOT applications to report that location.


LTE module features cost-effective, low power LTE connectivity, and delivers M2M-optimized speeds of 10Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink. The TK-419 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker is optimized for reliability, low data flows and size.


All antennas including the GPS and LTE (Mobile Network) are internal to the device. Data reporting can be initiated by remote access using LTE and SMS.


The TK-419 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker is comprised of a simple two piece plastic enclosure which is Waterproof IP65 for reliability and durability.

Description / Features

What's Included

  • TK419-S 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker (Configured for SOS Button)
  • Wiring harness
  • User Manual
  • 12 Months Australian Warranty

Difference Between the TK419-S and the TK419-B Models

Optional Accessories

  • SOS Button (for use in Case of Emergencies)
  • Relay (for Cutting Fuel / Ignition)

Market Applications

  • Fleet Management: School Bus Fleet, Taxi Fleet, Trailer Fleet, Car Rental Fleet, Logistics Fleet, etc.
  • Asset Security: Track, monitor and manage your assets. Gain visibility into where they are, what they’re doing, and the condition they’re in; realizing efficiencies in your supply chain and optimizing your assets’ usage.
  • Vehicle/Truck Tracking Insurance Telematics: Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Recovery, Improve vehicle crash reporting and recovery with emergency response assistance and accident assessment.
  • Yachts and Boat Tracking: Informs the whereabouts of your vessels. Get speed alerts once your vessel is beyond your set speed limit. Get fence crossing alerts when it exits your custom fenced zone, not being where it is supposed to be.
  • Personal Vehicles: Recreational vehicles - Boat, Jet Ski, Caravan, etc. Do you rent or hire out your vehicles. Know where they are at all times. You could even reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Note: All vehicles must have an onboard battery in order for the device to operate correctly.


  • Vehicle towing / Movement alarm
  • Over speed alarm and reporting
  • Backup battery low power alarm
  • Car battery low power alarm
  • High temperature alarm
  • Power saving / Sleep mode
  • Kilometre report
  • Alarm Notification
  • Remotely cut off fuel / ignition
  • SOS alarm reporting
  • ACC switch alarm
  • Geo-Fence alarm and reporting
  • Power-off alarm
  • External power cut off alarm

Mobile Networks

  • The 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker will work with all Australian mobile network providers, such as Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, etc.
  • The 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker does not use much data at all and us such you only require a small data plan. We suggest an Aldi Mobile (Telstra Network) on a 365 day/$15 PAYG plan, however the choice is entirely up to you as all trackers are configured to work with all network providers.
  • Note: Sim cards and mobile plans/contracts are the customers responsibility to arrange/activate and pay. Techno Communications has no Affiliation/Association/Partnership or Contractual Agreement with any Australian mobile network provider in any way, shape or form. Any information provided by us is solely to assist you, our customer and we highly recommend you do your own research to find a network provider/plan that will work for you.

Ongoing Costs

  • After the purchase of your 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker, the only ongoing cost will be the mobile plan that you choose for your tracker as per above in Mobile Networks. If you choose the Aldi Mobile $15 PAYG plan as an example, your expected cost would be $15 for 1 year as the tracker does not use much data. This will also depend on how many SMS's the tracker sends through alerts and location requests.

Tracking App

  • Free mobile app available for both Apple and Android phones.
  • Will only work with Apple IOS 8.0 or greater.
  • Will only work with Android 4.0 or greater.
  • Tracking can also be done using a Computer via a web browser.

Screen shot of PC Web Application


Screen shot of Mobile Application


Configurable Settings in Apps:

  • Speed Alarm: The 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker allows you to set speed limit alerts. If the tracker travels over a certain speed, it will send you a text alert.
  • Geo-Fence Alarm: A Geo-Fence is a virtual border/circle that you can set up over an area. When your vehicle crosses over the virtual border (enters or exits), you will be instantly notified via a text alert.
  • Shift / Movement Alarm: If your vehicle is moving and the ignition is not turned on, the tracker will send you a text alert to notify you of a possible towing.
  • Vibration / Crash / Fall Alarm: The 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker is fitted with a shock sensor and if the tracker/your vehicle has received a sudden shock/bump, this could indicate that your vehicle has been involved in an accident and will send you a text alert.
  • Internal Low Battery / External Power Cut Alarm: If the 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker's internal battery is getting low or the 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker has been disconnected from external power, you will receive a text alert.


  • Dual GPS and LBS positioning
  • Logging Out of Range: Your GPS data will be logged to the 4MB Memory inside the tracker when the vehicle is out of range or there is no signal.
  • Colour: Black
  • Operating Voltage: 9.0V – 72.0V DC
  • Antenna: LTE and GPS are both internal
  • Built-in battery: Embedded 140mAh battery for emergency alarm if disconnected from main power.
  • Standby: 4 hours
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Net Weight: 32g
  • Dimensions (mm): 89mm x 37mm x 12mm

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4G GPS Vehicle Tracker TK419-S

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